Cinzia Martellini Cortella
Half from Veneto region and half from Tuscany, with a splash of Austrian blood and a heart deeply rolling southward.
Milanese by adoption, lake resident by haphazard, I love big numbers.
Proud of my big family: a husband, six sons, a granddaughter, a dog, three cats and a pair of incoming parakeets.

The kitchen was my lifesaver, the expression of the part of me that wanted to be free.
So naturally I wanted to know more, taking part in a culinary forum, began reading food blogs and then started writing my own, attending cooking classes, following gastronomic exhibitions, mastering the knowledge of raw materials.

When I met the Simili sisters, I seen my approach to cooking and baking in a new light, I discovered and fell in love with the magical world of leavening. Then I met Paola Calciolari (pickles and preserves producer in Mantua), she followed me and convinced me to take a training course with AICI (the Teachers Association of Italian cuisine), where I graduated AICI teacher in April 2015. From 2014 to 2017 I was a member of the Italian Food Blogger Association (AIFB). Since 2014 I have been a member of the MTChallenge Community with whom I collaborated in writing their last three books (Dietro la lasagna - Crêpe is the NewBlack - Facciamo gli gnocchi) and currently I'm part of the editorial staff of the Italian Food Calendar and MTChallenge.

I've never been the one thats been satisfied enough and I am far too curious to sit tight at one table.
So the Casa Cortella project was born: making our home, my kitchen, a starting point for new curiosities, for kids or adults to expand their knowledge and cooking skills. For tourists who wish to experience a more authentic Italian experience, learning to cook together, as it used to be in the past. Because food is nourishment for not only our bodies but our souls. Smiles always included.

Martino Tito Cortella

Son number 5, still a student. Enthusiastic and passionate freediving fisherman.
Gourmet from a small age, more at ease with ladles and pans than with books and notebooks.
My gallant knight in the evening classes and afternoons with children.

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